Welcome to Great Outdoors Native Plant Nursery and Botanical Garden

Sparrows Bathing

The Great Outdoors is a distinctively unique Native Plant Nursery and Botanical Garden. 

The serene botanical setting at The Great Outdoors Nursery will inspire gardeners as they walk through the native plant and garden displays. It is our goal to provide beautiful, healthy and unusual plant life suitable for the New Mexico climate.

We have a fine selection of native and xeriscape plants, trees, and shrubs including the largest variety of cacti, yuccas and agaves in central and northern New Mexico.

Walk along our garden paths and choose from a variety of stone benches, bird baths, stone art, and unique and eclectic garden décor to add to your outdoor space.


 What's New

  • We do on site consultations. Call 890-5311 for an appointment.
  • Sign up for our Great Outdoors Nursery Newsletter let us be your source for gardening information.  We are happy to answer your questions and find just the right plant for your yard.
  • Read gardening articles in Local IQ Magazine titled "Backyard Plot" written by Tish Resnik, owner of Great Outdoors Nursery.
  • With spring-like weather now is the time to make a list of the new plants you want to purchase this year.  Having a hard time deciding?  Call us 890-5311 for a few great suggestions.

New native New Mexico stone arrives regularly at the nursery. Use your imagination with all the amazing stone with great character, shapes and colors to dress up your landscape.

The nursery has a large selection of New Mexico Petrified Wood that present a palette of earthy colors.  These stone become amazing water features.  One of the more unique, eye-catching petrified stones is on display as a water feature at the nursery. It is stunning. 

Take a moment to enjoy this artistically inspired creation located in the beautiful North Valley on 2nd Street, one mile north of Alameda. 

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Having a difficult time choosing the perfect gift?

Gift Certificates are available at the nursery

Let us take the worry out of shopping!

Call us at 890-5311

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